IncGamers checks out Gazillion’s Marvel Heroes at Gamescom [Video Special]

A couple of days ago we hooked up with Gazillion over at Gamescom in Cologne to find out more about the upcoming MMO ARPG Marvel Heroes that they are touting Diablo meets Marvel on steroids. Yes we’ve heard it all before, but with Diablo creator David Brevik at the helm of this one, you should sit up and take notice.

This video is the press demonstration and it’s followed by a Q&A session with, well just me. No other journos in the room could be bothered to ask anything. Shame!

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  • DavidTheSlayer

    Sounds like path of exile with the way powers drop.

  • DavidTheSlayer

    To add, hulk better have armour 😀

  • Dawson

    Game looks lame , very lame…

    • I thought that too, until I played it. It really rocked!

  • psyounger

    I’ll do a write-up as soon as I can on this, just recovering from Gamescom still 🙂

  • Looks interesting, at the very least. I’d really like to see how exactly they do “loot” for superheroes that is as much as a draw as it would be with non-established characters.

    • psyounger

      Well one of the things are costumes. For example. playing as Iron Man I had three different suits drop. Obviously the loot was tweaked for the demo but we have been assured it will be as interesting as any ARPG.

      • Thanks for the reply! Were they full suits or parts (that you could mix and match)? And did they carry different stats/incentives for wearing Iron Man’s Mark I armor to, say, his Stealth suit (or whatever you ended up finding)?

        Or would there be repeat suits just with better stats, which I imagine would be more akin to other ARPGs?

        • psyounger

          For the purposes of the demo they were full suits. So for example you could pick up the Iron Man costume from the movies, or one from the older comic series. It was pretty cool to see the changes.

  • Eye

    Jay Wilson, stay awhile and listen AND LEARN you fat shaved ape!

  • Lobstar

    Am I the only one that was annoyed by how often they said “spiritual successor to Diablo II”? I understand Brevik was the big wig behind the first 2 Diablo games, but he’s not in that business anymore. He should try to sell this as its own IP and not go on an ad campaign basically begging people to play because “I PROMISE IT’S JUST LIKE THE GAME YOU LOVED WHEN YOU WERE 13 BUT SUPER AWESOMER.”. This game looks bad. They should be honest and say “Spiritual successor to Hellgate: Londone”, because it’s going to bomb. Brevik has lost it.

    • Jack Pott

      Why has he lost it?

  • cyp

    Marvel meets Diablo on steroids ? they couldn’t come up with something sounding more grotesque ? I imagine now two tatooed dumb hunks of meet on the gym doing anabolic steroids swimming in their self-indulgence.