Some recent archaeological finds have revealed new, astonishing truths about Vikings. According to a team working under the name ‘Ludocraft’, Vikings often took to the skies in massive airships, to do battle above the land with a set of rivals known only as Buccaneers. Cannon fire would light up the surrounding area as these two ancient foes attempted to knock one another out of the air.

Wait, hang on, I’ve gone and confused archaeological reality with a videogame again.

This is Air Buccaneers; a co-op flavoured multiplayer title in which Vikings and Buccaneers clash in a selection of manned dirigibles. It’s been Greenlit by Steam and should be on sale through that digital platform from 5 December. Tim and I dipped into the beta to see if we could earn our wings, or … err … air balloon things, and figure out if we were cut out for life on the high air-tides.

If you like what you see, the open beta for the game can still be found here.

Last Day of Steam Sale

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