IncGamers Plays Cities Skylines – Part 2

IncGamers Plays Cities Skylines – Part 2

Building the IncGamers city of dreams in the second IncGamers Plays Cities Skylines video.

After my last video things didn’t go too well, I quite simply couldn’t balance the books and IncGamers city went bust. The problem? Expanding a little too quickly, a trap I always fall into when starting a new city builder.

I decided to go back to the drawing board and plan things a little better right from the start, everything from where the first power station would be deployed to where residential, industrial and commercial zones would be located. This worked after three attempts because once again I overstretched too early even in the early build stages. Doh!

Finally IncGamers City v2 was created starting with some simple entry roads and a few roundabouts to keep the traffic flowing. This seems to have done the trick and I’ve now expanded into three zones on the map which is starting to fill up. I have also learned how to manage vital utility links a little better to help cut costs, especially when it comes to power lines.

Watch the second instalment in my IncGamers Plays Cities Skylines below to see how things are going and you can find part one here.

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