February 14th, 2016

IncGamers Plays – Dying Light, co-op molotov drop-kick style

IncGamers Plays – Dying Light, co-op molotov drop-kick style

Dying Light is a game with drop-in/drop-out co-operative play, and Techland (or agents acting on their behalf, I don’t really know) were generous enough to provide us with three keys. That could only lead to one thing: barely co-ordinated chaos in an IncGamers Plays fashion.

Watch below, to see us examine crucial aspects of Dying Light’s co-op structure, such as “can you kick your friends off a roof?” (no,) “can you hit your friends with blunt objects?” (no,) and “can you set your friends on fire with molotovs?” (yes … oh yes.)

We also answer slightly more important questions about how the game shares out loot, and give motivational speeches to Paul in order to help him jump on a roof to complete a quest.

There’s zombie drop-kicking, mini competitive contests to see who can loot the most shops, or dismember the most zombies within a certain amount of time; plus a look at one of the actual, structured quests in the game and how that fares in co-op. Turns out it fares pretty well, and if a quest gives you two locations to do things in it’s possible to split up for maximum efficiency (which also means taking a bit of risk.)

Here’s the intense co-operative footage:

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