IncGamers Plays The Elder Scrolls Online

IncGamers Plays The Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online - 11

We’ve spent a wee while exploring Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls Online this week, and we thought we’d give you an example of what sort of thing we’ve been doing.

In this video, our intrepid adventurer Tim McDonald is halfway through a spooky quest. Someone has inherited a demon-filled ruin containing a ghostly presence that won’t let him get any closer. By the time the video starts we’ve already discovered that the ghost is seeking revenge against the family because of past slights, and we’ve been sent off to find a way to banish it, which takes us to the Mage’s Guild.

This video contains: talking! Combat! Decisions! Books! Mining! Sarcasm!

Our full preview of The Elder Scrolls Online is available to read here.

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  • Comments: 3
    • nasarius

      The skill system (like Path of Exile but without the physical items) looked interesting enough that I grabbed a beta key to try it out. And yeah, it turns out the skill system is probably the only interesting part of the game.

      Somehow, the combat is even more boring than simple WoW-type button pressing.

      • Rushster

        The combat I found supremely tedious, and I know exactly what you mean comparing there. I’m not sure why the combat feels dull, it just does.

        • fsj

          Well this won’t be popular then. I have to say I enjoyed the combat….the mix of TES style combat with a lot of clicking and active blocking etc. with a small (god I’m glad its not 30 slots) hotbar. The skills become more interesting when morphed (I found) and gave your combat more of a unique style.

          It’s hardly innovative but I found it satisfying enough. One thing I found horrendous was the targeting. Clunkyyyyyyyyyyyy.