The waiting is almost at an end, but GTA 5 did take an awfully long time to show up on PC – were you able to hold out, readers? Those who picked it up in PS3/360 form got to play the game a year and a half ago, so can’t really be faulted for doing so.

This week, the IncGamers Poll is interested in GTA 5 double-dipping, triple-dipping and skinny-di … wait, not that last one. Nobody should be swimming naked with their copy of GTA 5, that’s just strange. And probably bad for the data.

Anyway. The poll asks whether the PC version is the first and only one you’ll own, or whether you’d previously purchased versions on one of the four consoles. There’s also an option for people who went a bit mental and own about fifteen versions of GTA 5 at this point. And, of course, one for those who don’t really care about the game at all (but who do care enough to respond to polls about games they don’t care about.)

Voting options are below. Or you can vote in the right-hand side bar. It’ll be counted either way. GTA 5 comes out on 14 April (actually 13 April if you live in the US,) and IncGamers will have some PC version impressions for you around that date.

[poll id=”29″]

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