Though rumoured and pretty-much-confirmed for a few months now, Total War: Warhammer was officially announced today by SEGA and Creative Assembly. In this IncGamers Poll, we’re seeking your reactions to this new direction for the Total War series.

While Total War has clearly dabbled in semi-fantasy before (via alt-history outcomes and the like,) this would be the first overtly ahistorical the Creative Assembly team has made in under the series banner. Nonetheless, the Warhammer and Total War licenses seem, to many, like a solid fit.

Our latest poll (below) asks whether you agree that this is a happy union, or if you’re being cautious about Total War: Warhammer after some less-than-stellar Total War launches in times past. There are also options for you to express displeasure at this being an outright fantasy game and one for if you just want to acknowledge that this game should have been called Total Warhammer.

If you’re suspicious about how much DLC this game (or set of games) is likely to have attached to it, you can opt for that too.

Vote below, or over in the right-hand side bar. The Total War: Warhammer poll will run for around a week, so look out for the results in the near future.

[poll id=”30″]
Peter Parrish

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