Dragon Age: Inquisition

    PC users may remember the big song and dance made about the PC version of Dragon Age: Inquisition in a pre-release video. The one entitled “Made for PC Gamers, by PC Gamers”. In it, BioWare employees queued up to tell us how amazing the PC release would be (see below).

    As we know, things didn’t quite work out like that. Contrary to the suggestions made in the pre-release hype video (fancy that,) it turns out that the PC controls for Dragon Age: Inquisition are actually a bit of a nightmare.

    But which was the most misleading statement of all? That’s what this week’s IncGamers Poll seeks to find out. We’ve given you three incredibly misleading statements about the Dragon Age: Inquisition PC version to choose from, plus an option to vote for the “Made for PC Gamers, by PC Gamers” title itself. You can also go all-in and vote for “all of the above” if you wish.

    Update 25 Nov: The poll is not working for some people at present. Sorry about that. We’re aware of the irony and are looking into it.

    You can find the poll, and your choices, below. It’s also available over on the right-hand sidebar as you navigate around the site.

    In case you did miss it, here’s the video.

    [poll id=”14″]

    Peter Parrish

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