After much intense debate about Valve’s (and Bethesda’s) implementation of paid Skyrim mods in the Steam Workshop, the two companies have backtracked. This week’s IncGamers Poll is canvasing views on how people feel about the decision.

Paid modding is a complex issue, so we’ve tried to provide several varied response options. It’s impossible to cover every angle with a poll like this, however, so if your precise opinion isn’t there you may have to make do with the closest statement.

Those who feel that Valve’s implementation of theĀ Skyrim system was lacking can opt for “It’s the right decision, this particular implementation was terrible,” whereas if you’re opposed to paid modding in general, “I’m glad, because paid mods are wrong in principle” might be more your style.

Since Valve appear to still have every intention of pursuing this idea, you may wish to agree with the statement “I’m concerned that paid Skyrim mods are still on Valve’s agenda in some way.”

If you want to show your support for modders receiving payment for their work as a general principle, you can choose “I want a method of paying modders for their work, I hope Valve return with a better system.”

And, if you feel everything was actually pretty fine and people were making a fuss about nothing, then “Valve shouldn’t have caved, the market would’ve worked itself out in time” is available as a response.

Cast your vote below, or over in the right-hand side bar. The poll will run until at least Friday (possibly a bit longer,) after which we’ll publish the results.

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