Pillars of Eternity was released last week to much fanfare and excitement; so with a weekend’s worth of play under various belts, how are people finding it?

    This week’s IncGamers Poll is all about gauging opinion on the latest PC RPG hotness to emerge from the offices of Obsidian Entertainment. Is it the second coming of the Infinity Engine era games?

    I’m assuming people haven’t finished it at this point (though it also wouldn’t surprise me at all if somebody has,) so vote based on your early impressions. Or mid-game impressions, or whatever.

    Four options this week. If you think Pillars of Eternity is on par (or even surpasses) great titles like Baldur’s Gate II or Planescape: Torment, you have both of those responses open to you.

    If you think it’s alright, you can vote for that too. And, of course, if you think Pillars of Eternity is overhyped rubbish then that’s a possibility as well. I’d quite like to restrict voting to those who’ve played the game for several hours, but don’t actually have any way of policing that. So it’s all going to be on the honour system.

    You can cast you vote in the embedded poll below, or over in the right-hand side-bar. I’ll collate the results and publish them around about 3 April.

    [poll id=”28″]

    Peter Parrish

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