Welcome to the annual IncGamers Reader Awards 2014, where you get to vote on nine carefully curated categories pertaining to PC games and gaming. Our highly scientific selection process involved Tim, Paul and myself hashing out the games worthy of inclusion. There’s a significant (and, we hope, understandable) tilt towards games the three of us have actually managed to play this year.

If you wish to cast a write-in vote for any of the categories, or draw our attention to any “missed” games, please leave a comment in the usual spot. I’ll be reading these when it comes time to round up the results, so anything outstanding will get a mention.

This year in the Reader Awards 2014, we’d like your opinions on the Best (Exclusive) PC Title, Best Cross-Platform PC Release, Best (and Worst) PC Ports, what’s likely to become commonplace PC technology, the developer offering Best Post-Release Support in 2014, the Best (released) Crowdfunded PC game, the Best PC Digital Service and the Ultra Special ‘See You in 2018’ Award.

You’re welcome to cast a vote in as many or as few of the nine polls below as you wish.

Here are the polls. Voting will run until Wednesday 17 December. POLLS ARE NOW CLOSED. VOTING HAS ENDED.

[poll id=”15″]

[poll id=”16″]

[poll id=”17″]

[poll id=”18″]

[poll id=”19″]

[poll id=”20″]

[poll id=”21″]

[poll id=”22″]

[poll id=”23″]

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