Our most recent poll aimed to get a sense of how Total War fans felt about the confirmation of Total War: Warhammer; results were mixed, but indicated general optimism.

The most popular response was “Cautiously optimistic. It needs a much better launch than Rome 2 though,” which scooped up just under one third of the vote (30%.) Close to one quarter (23%) of those who cast a vote were even more on board, agreeing with the statement “Great. This is an ideal license for the Total War games.”

That’s a shade over 50% of people expressing, at worst, hopeful optimism.

The 19% who went with “WAAARRRGGHHH! Also it should be called Total Warhammer” are wild cards, but you could argue this is a generally favourable statement too.

Some, though, are definitely not looking forward to Total War: Warhammer. One fifth of those who responded to the poll said “This smells like a recipe for DLC and disappointment. No thanks” and the remaining 8% “play Total War for the history,” so aren’t at all interested in high fantasy.

There wasn’t an amazing turn out for this poll in general (just a couple of hundred,) which may suggest that it never really made its way to a hotbed of Total War players, or just an overall sense of indifference to the whole thing.

Here are the final results. There’ll be another poll up to replace it in due course.

[poll id=”30″]

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