IncGamers readers feel EA has “ruined” the FUT transfer market

The IncGamers Poll asking for your views on the recent changes to FIFA 15’s Ultimate Team (FUT) transfer market received an overwhelming response.

Last week, EA added transfer price bands to all players and items in FUT. We asked the following question: “What do you think of EA’s changes to the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team transfer system?”

A little over 2,600 people responded to this poll, and a massive 75% of them said “EA have basically ruined FUT’s transfer market.” Another 12% opted for “FIX UR SERVERS EA” – a comedy option, but one which has more than a little basis in reality. EA’s FUT servers are not known for their stability.

8% of those who replied felt the new FUT transfer price system needed a little more time to develop before they were ready to form a strong opinion either way. 6% thought the system was fine, and that other players are over-reacting.

EA has shown a willingness to tinker with its new policy over the past few days. Initially, the price ranges for players were identical across platforms, but that is now no longer the case. However, the company shows no signs of reversing the decision and returning to a completely open market.

Thanks to everyone who voted this week. A new poll will be up later today.

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    • Nanda Ramanujam

      EA has not just ruined, but has TOTALLY FUCKED UP the Transfer Market. While I respect the decision to stop illegitimate trading, coin selling, and extremely unreasonable price inflation, the Transfer Market should NOT be banned for the Web and Mobile apps when it is available for the console games. If trading is to be fair, then the Transfer Market should be down for ALL users, REGARDLESS of the platform, ESPECIALLY when some banned from the Transfer Market play fairly. I want this problem fixed IMMEDIATELY. Either give EVERYBODY access or NOBODY access.