Our most recent poll asked readers “Can Metal Gear thrive after Kojima?” and found people to be largely dubious about the series’ prospects.

Last week, it became clear that Hideo Kojima (and many of the upper management at Kojima Productions) would be leaving publisher Konami. Despite Kojima’s name being synonymous with the Metal Gear series, Konami have stated that they will make more games with a new studio.

In response to our query about a post-Kojima Metal Gear, 29% said “There’ll be more Metal Gear, but it won’t be as good”; accepting that Konami won’t kill their golden goose, but expressing pessimism about a new studio and new project leads.

Another 29% were of the opinion that “No Kojima means no Metal Gear, Konami shouldn’t make more.”

Just under a quarter, 22% of those who replied, feel that the series could be okay if Konami handle things carefully enough.

Finally, attesting to Hideo Kojima’s enduring powers as a master of misdirection, a full 20% of people responding to the poll went with “Fools! This whole thing is Kojima trolling us again!”

You can see those final poll results, below. There’ll be a new IncGamers Poll up later today (or possibly Saturday morning.) It’ll probably be about Pillars of Eternity.


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