elite dangerous mining

Like it or not, you’ll need an internet connection for that mining laser.

The most recent IncGamers Poll asked “How do you feel about Elite: Dangerous ditching offline play”? We wanted to gauge whether people thought this reversal of a Kickstarter promise was simply to be expected in this era of always-online titles, or actually a bit of a shitty move.

Responses trended towards the latter sentiment, with almost half of the hundreds of replies (49% overall) stating that decision was “disgraceful” and “worthy of a refund.” Frontier Developers has, at least, deemed certain parties eligible for a refund in the time since the poll was written; but not everybody who felt burned by the removal of offline play is guaranteed to get their money back.

24% of people said they were “not happy” about the decision, specifically because always-online single player modes tend to launch with problems (Diablo 3, SimCity and so on.)

A sizeable minority, 17%, didn’t really see much of an issue, suggesting that “everybody has the internet these days,” so a lack of a pure offline mode is not a big deal. Finally, 10% professed to “not be thrilled” but could live with Frontier’s choice.

You can see the final results of the Elite: Dangerous poll, below. There’ll be another poll up in a day or so.

[poll id=”13″]

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