IncGamers readers find removal of Elite’s offline mode “disgraceful”

elite dangerous mining
Like it or not, you’ll need an internet connection for that mining laser.

The most recent IncGamers Poll asked “How do you feel about Elite: Dangerous ditching offline play”? We wanted to gauge whether people thought this reversal of a Kickstarter promise was simply to be expected in this era of always-online titles, or actually a bit of a shitty move.

Responses trended towards the latter sentiment, with almost half of the hundreds of replies (49% overall) stating that decision was “disgraceful” and “worthy of a refund.” Frontier Developers has, at least, deemed certain parties eligible for a refund in the time since the poll was written; but not everybody who felt burned by the removal of offline play is guaranteed to get their money back.

24% of people said they were “not happy” about the decision, specifically because always-online single player modes tend to launch with problems (Diablo 3, SimCity and so on.)

A sizeable minority, 17%, didn’t really see much of an issue, suggesting that “everybody has the internet these days,” so a lack of a pure offline mode is not a big deal. Finally, 10% professed to “not be thrilled” but could live with Frontier’s choice.

You can see the final results of the Elite: Dangerous poll, below. There’ll be another poll up in a day or so.

[poll id=”13″]

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