The results from the latest IncGamers Poll, about Valve’s offerings at GDC, suggest that the majority of our readers would quite like the company to announce a game. Any game. Okay, maybe not Ricochet 2. Unless it’s ‘Ricochet 2‘ … if you get my meaning.

    My meaning is Half-Life 3.

    The question posed was “How do you feel about Valve’s GDC 2015 announcements?,” with various response options in the traditional opinion poll style. We didn’t get a huge response to this particular one (a few hundred people,) but the overall view came through pretty clear.

    40% of those who offered an opinion went with “I wish they’d announced a game. Any game. I’m not that bothered about the rest,” while a still fairly healthy 28% expressed interest in Valve’s VR dabblings (“Their VR technology looks impressive, I could be tempted by that in November.”)

    Just under one in five (18%) were happy about the official confirmation of Source 2 (since that’s going to be more developer-focused, I suppose that’s not too surprising.) And even fewer (14%) opted for “I’m interested in the Steam Machine/Steam Link/Controller. Couch based PC gaming all the way.”

    Valve’s most recent release (though it’s not technically finished) was Dota 2 in 2013. Prior to that, it was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 2012. You have to go back four years, to 2011, to find their most recent single player game: Portal 2.

    Here’s the final vote tally. There’ll be a new poll up on the site later in the day.

    [poll id=”25″]


    Peter Parrish

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