Last week we launched a poll asking you lovely readers (and any passing transients,) whether you had plans to get hold of an Oculus Rift when it launches in 2016.

The results (based on several hundred responses) were quite spread, but something of a pattern did emerge. At one end of the spectrum, just over one-fifth of you (21%) “can’t wait” to get an Oculus Rift and feel that “VR gaming has a bright future this time.” Meanwhile, at the other, 28% of those who replied (over one in four,) feel that “VR is the same old fad it has always been” and have no plans to get involved.

That remaining 51% were generally optimistic about VR, but cautious about diving in with an Oculus headset too soon. 15% of that group said they were “keen” on VR, but don’t feel Oculus is the answer. They “may” get another headset.

Finally, the largest portion (at 36%) said they will be waiting on “more details on weight, resolution and other specs before making a choice.”

That’s an interesting spread of replies. If they translate to sales, you’d imagine Oculus would be pretty happy with one in five players picking up a headset and another fairly substantial chunk considering it based on specs and reviews.

You can see the final opinion poll results below. We’ll run another one later in the week.

[poll id=”32″]

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