Assassins Creed Unity - 05

“You think 30fps is fine? You’ll answer for that, scoundrel!”

Our latest weekly poll asked readers about the recent comments made by Assassin’s Creed: Unity developers Alex Amancio and Nicolas GuĂ©rin on the topic of frame-rates. For those who missed the story last week, its concerned some unusual views about the “cinematic” superiority of 30fps for a game like Unity.

The question we asked was pretty straightforward: “Are the Assassin’s Creed: Unity devs right to say 30fps will be better than 60 for their game?”

Two responses vied for top spot in the poll, both of which (perhaps unsurprisingly for a PC site) rejected the notion that 30fps could be preferable to 60fps. 45% of the more than one thousand people responding felt that the comments were a classic case of ‘bad faith.’ The developers didn’t really believe what they were saying, but had to protect the inferior hardware of ‘next gen’ consoles with some soothing PR.

42% of readers who responded to the poll, meanwhile, simply felt Ubisoft had lost the plot and that 60fps would always be superior.

Or, to combine those two answers, 87% of our readers effectively denounce the idea that Assassin’s Creed: Unity would play better at a lower frame-rate.

Ubisoft did have the sympathy of a minority of our readers, though. 8% were willing to entertain the idea that 30fps may be better “for this type of game,” while 5% agreed wholeheartedly with the idea that 30fps would indeed be desirable for its cinematic qualities.

You can see the full results, below. The Unity poll is now closed, but we’ll be launching a new one this weekend.

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With that poll now wrapped up. Here’s this week’s…

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