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Incognita is renamed to Invisible, Inc with a new gameplay trailer

Invisible Inc

Klei Entetainment were obviously not happy with the name Ingcognita because the turn-based tactical espionage title has been renamed to Invisible, Inc.

Why the changes? According to Klei focus testers, Invisible, Inc was “better received” than Incognita. Damn those focus groups, I rather liked Incognita. With the new name now in place, there’s also a new alpha gameplay trailer to show how all this espionage stuff works.

Development continues on the game with a recent alpha test update which includes “some design changes to the arc of the game”. The important changes to note are:

  • Meta game loop added. Players earn metapoints by ending games, either by a win or a lose. Metapoints are used to unlock new choices.
  • New game flow. Random corporation order selection.
  • Adjustments to difficulty. Many stat adjustments to level generation and point values of items and abilities.
  • “Clean up fee” stealth play incentive.
  • Drones have a mainframe hacking option.

If you prefer the new name then you can buy into the early access alpha test now.

Thanks Blues.