The next entry in the Wargame series will be Wargame: Red Dragon, and move the conflict to Asia between the years 1975 and 1991. This game was apparently already unveiled to those who attended GamesCom in August, but it’s all new to me so let’s explore it together.

As well as a switch to Asia (which will encompass five nations, including China and North Korea,) Red Dragon will add naval and amphibian units to the series for the first time. There’ll also be over 450 new units to mess about with in total, plus a new solo campaign that’ll force players into a bloody war based around Korea. Naturally, the multiplayer mode (which is the main focus of Wargame titles) will be returning too. Up to 20 players will be able to engage in warfare on the same map.

The first official screenshots for the game have been released, which you can see below. More information is promised to be on the way, as are some gameplay videos. You can keep an eye on things at the Wargame blog too.

wargame-reddragon (3)

wargame-reddragon (1)

wargame-reddragon (2)

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