van helsing 2 (3)

Van Helsing retires to his cavern to await May.

NeoCore has put a steady hand on the shoulder of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2 and said “not yet son, not yet”. The game’s release date was originally April, but has now been moved to 22 May in order to give the developer a bit more time to make Van Helsing 2 the best darned little Van Helsing 2 it can be.

“We want to release a superb game as polished as possible on release and that will take a little longer than we thought. We want to make sure the sequel is superior to the first game in every aspect,” says the email informing me of this release date change.

By chance(ish,) Van Helsing 2’s new 22 May release date coincides with the anniversary of the original game’s launch.

I’m not too disappointed by this delay. When I took a look at a preview build of the game last week, it seemed a touch rough around the edges. That may well be because the preview build is older and doesn’t represent the current state of Van Helsing 2, but additional tweaking and polishing on a game is rarely a bad thing.

As the sly aside in the email notes, “All of you are reaping souls right now anyway, aren’t you?” Maybe so, NeoCore. Maybe so.

Some new screenshots have been released too, which also alleviate one of the concerns I had; that the areas in the game might lack variety if it was confined to the city of Borgova. Seems like there’ll be a fair share of caverns and outside areas to slay stuff in as well. You can take a look at those images, below.

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