The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II Chimera with logo

NeocoreGames have been busy working on The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II and have revealed a trailer for the Chimera, a new pet for Van Helsing which is more obedient than Lady Katarina, yes that’s right, mans best friend, the Chimera.

The Chimera can be summoned temporarily during battles and gets hungry over time based on damage it takes. If it dies, feed it essences to keep it happy. You can also send the Chimera into the Ink for a maximum of ten minutes to gather gold, rare potions, enchanted items and even essences, so in a way, it has the potential to feed itself which is nice. Like a dog owner, the designer’s are worried it might pee over their lovely new levels though.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II Chimera vs Mutant rat

I bet that mutant rat drops the best loot in the game. Chimera, I choose you!

The Chimera has its own summoning chamber in your Lair where you can enhance its strength along with additional skills, or improve its scavenging abilities. NeocoreGames say “…it will probably never learn to sit, but there is no harm in trying”, so like a Pokemon, it just needs some loving and loot. The various skills aren’t limited to the following… push back enemies, increase its damage or speed, decrease cooldown time, give bonuses to find loot or grant extra items, all sound good to me when combined with Lady Katarina’s skills and bonuses.

Based on the trailer above, the Chimera has some nice sound effects. As for the graphics of the Chimera, which would you rather have, The Incredible Adventures of Van Hesling II’s Chimera or Diablo 3 Reaper of Soul’s bone-rat? I’ll take that Chimera for my pet anytime.

NeocoreGames have also released a QA about the Chimera in an amusing banter style as seen in the previous Van Hesling for you to enjoy. 

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