Still “no set release date” for DayZ standalone’s public alpha


You won’t be doing this. Yet.

In a short, Q&A-style update on the DayZ forums, creator Dean “Rocket” Hall explains that the current lack of devblog updates on the project are due to how hard the team has been working. However, a brand new devblog should be on the way next week with details of how July’s “internal milestone” review has gone. This, Hall hopes, will keep people informed about “where the project is at and where it is going.”

To put any speculation to rest, the question of whether a public alpha is about to begin is answered twice with a definitive “no.”

“There is no set release date,” Hall writes. “When an alpha candidate passes it’s milestone review, it will be released.”

So, that’s the current state of play with DayZ. Next week’s devblog should provide a few more details about what the team has planned, whether they’re happy with the current build and whether it has passed whatever internal tests the developers are applying to it.

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  • iLikeDayZ

    M8 u betta releas this game and it betta be great u twat

    • Rushster

      I say, that’s a bit strong.

  • DayZ=Duke Nukem Forever….

    Let’s just keep it as a MOD and update as we go along instead, this official game is unlikely to be released this year as it would interfere with ARMA3 during the holidays. The release will most likely be in spring 2014, so I’m not waiting that long.

    Let’s just play the DayZ mod on ARMA3 “Beta”.


  • haXor

    I have simply lost interest in this game as well as 50% of the rest of the community. The delays and excuses just killed it. The Zombie fad is fading and more and more gamers are simply moving on. Lost revenue for a title that could have been huge. I will go play Arma3 and COH2 because I Can.

    The new DayZ model is going to be molded into a pay-2-win anyways.
    Not interested.

    • CoH Man

      CoH2 is shit, just saying.. I’ve played all the previous ones for years so i can compare. Cash grab started with Tales of Valor being like $60 when it came out..

    • dayzawesome

      well I think people should have patience and wait till it comes out if it does and I think it will because it was at e3 so and this waiting means that they are making it better

  • Lex

    Agreeing on the fading zombie enthusiasm.
    But I don’t think people are moving on.
    Sounds like they leave this whole thing behind them and start their lives anew.

    People may have stopped playing the mod, which is understandable.
    In fact, most people have, when the hackers took over.
    However that doesn’t mean this game won’t be a huge success.
    The players lay dormant, eagerly awaiting the impending release..

  • Freddy

    As above, just losing interest now, and can’t see myself being as interested when it’s released, as I was say, 2 months ago.

    It’s in Alpha, just release it already! It doesn’t have to be perfect when it’s Alpha, we won’t care. It will just mean you will have millions of people testing the game for you, to be able to find bugs and fix them quickly and efficiently.

    You’re ruining it.

    • Dayz Gamer

      The thing is, the game is not in alpha. It’s still in pre-alpha. Rocket has said it himself. If the game was in aplha it would have been released by know.

      What people most understand is as fast as the game reaches alfa, it will be released and the problem is not that it misses stuff or isnt “perfect”, the problem is that now that it has been reshaped to use a MMO server structure it needs alot of work to even actually function. So what Rocket and his team is doing is working their asses of to get the system working for hundreds of thousands of people instead of just releasing it completely broken.

      So stop whining and be happy that they actually do all they can for the best result.

  • Swish

    Rocket, if you see this, I encourage you to make a push to get this thing out the door as is. Don’t get me wrong, you’re doing a fantastic job and I couldn’t even come close to doing anything in the same league in regards to coding as what you are working on. So I have the utmost respect and admiration for you and your team. That being said, your user base is growing impatient. I totally get why you want things to be as near-perfect as possible before you let the game out into the wild. But you’re defeating the purpose of an alpha, which is to allow “in the wild” testing. With as much refining as you’re doing, you may as well just call it a final release and do patches to fix issues after the fact. At this point, it doesn’t matter how much more you work on it. There will still be a laundry list of things that will need fixing or improving as you move along, whether you release the game today or two months from now (or longer). That’s just the nature of software code. I’ve been breathlessly waiting the release of SA for many months along with everyone else. So have my clan mates. In the meantime, we have been playing and working with the Epoch mod for DayZ. I have to say, it’s as near perfect of a zombie gaming experience as I can recall ever having. The modding community, including myself, has made numerous changes to the Epoch system and have gotten it working very smoothly and added a ton of functions. If you haven’t checked it out yet (I’m sure you have), then you should. Anyway, I’m rambling. The point of what I was getting at is, people are getting to the point where they are getting tired of waiting. There is also now a mod with DayZ running on Arma 3. I’ve played it myself and it’s not bad. Certainly needs some work, but it sure looks beautiful. The Arma 3 DayZ mod is going to continue development, and in about 3 months, Battlefield 4 is coming out and a month after that is the new CoD. You will be looking at competing with not one, but two triple-A titles. From a business perspective, and in my humble and respectful opinion, if standalone isn’t released within the next couple weeks, it has the chance of becoming a huge disappointment for you and your team in terms of sales.

  • srgt bubbles

    guys check out my steam profile aka name for some dayz standalone screen shots if you want more ask me i can run around the map remember this is early

  • oogaba

    Its good knowing im not the only one feeling like this, it has been in production for far to long and now I really could not care less if it comes out tomorrow. Their actual window for release has past and gone 2 months ago. And the new updates to it hardly reflect all their time working on it at all to be honest. They need to lift their gain so much but again that time is over. Never really been so disappointing about something being delayed like this. Well done Rocket, well done.

  • nerdz

    u guys crack me up. useless. rocket will get paid by bohemia either way, if hes not already paid. so he dont give a rats ass if he compets with bf 4 or w/e is out there. hes a sellout. my wild guess is that bohemia keeps him from releasing it because they want to milk shitty arma 3 befor they start milking dayzSA. so please give up. either give a shit and dont wait for it. or wait for it. either way, its coming out when bohemia lets him release it