PC genre staples we owe to the ZX Spectrum

From turn-based squad tactics to football management, the modern PC landscape owes a lot to the ZX Spectrum.

Dawn of War 3 launch times for all time zones

Are you ready to take on the latest installment from Relic? Here’s the unlock times.

Nazi Zombie slaying promised in Call of Duty WW2 co-op mode

Co-op play in Call of Duty WW2 sounds like it will be leaning in a more overtly horrific direction, but you’ll still be killing zombies.

Call of Duty WWII Reveal trailer is gritty

The horrors of WWII recreated in this trailer from Sledgehammer Games.

PC Invasion Plays Paragon – Revenant

Paul goes on a western rampage and takes the new gunslinging hero for a spin.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 PC Technical Review

PC Invasion take a look at Sniper Ghost Warrior 3’s military hardware. Is it finely tuned, or is that scope actually just a cardboard tube?

PC Invasion Plays Outlast 2

Just for you, Tim records 50 minutes of him scaring the hell out of himself with Outlast 2.

Outlast 2 Review

Tim has outlasted Outlast 2, with only a few psychological scars marring this review.

Awesomenauts going free to play in May

Ronimo has bitten the bullet and announced that their 3v3 MOBA platformer Awesomenauts is going free to play on 24 May. Starting today, a transition phase will start for current players with a beta update going…

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