Indie Dev Team Handcuffed In Marijuana Mistake

An indie development team was handcuffed after police went to the wrong address.The team from Illfonic, the Denver-based studio working on golf-cum-thug life title Ghetto Golf, was dragged out of their office and handcuffed when police got the wrong address.The studio is sited next to a medical marijuana store. When a false alarm went off in the store, police promptly arrived to check out the “break-in” – but went to the wrong address and stormed the IllFonic offices instead.Security camera footage shows the police bringing the team outside, handcuffing them, and investigating the scene. Fortunately for all concerned, the mix-up was quickly clarified.On the plus side, it’s good to know that police response time is pretty sharp. It’s also pretty good press for Ghetto Golf, which is a downloadable title set to mix “third person combat, sports gameplay and comedy.”You can check out the security camera footage below.

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