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Indie Royale
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Indie Royale bundle has trains, demons, and Duke, but no pigeons


Not every indie bundle can give you the opportunity to date pigeons, unfortunately. Indie Royale have discovered this to their cost, as their latest bundle – the Birthday Bundle – is sadly lacking in romantic avians.

But what it lacks in dreamy doves, it makes up for in other ways: the bundle contains mass transit simulator Cities in Motion 2, solid side-scroller Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, the rather rubbish Impire, sci-fi survival game XenoMiner, optimistically named puzzler Perfection. (with the full stop), and a Mystery Game that has yet to be revealed.

All of this can be yours for £3.64 (at the time of writing). Impire was hugely tedious, but the other bits and bobs on offer seem like they should make for a few bright hours.

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