Indivisible Serpent Queen guide

Indivisible‘s Serpent Queen isn’t a difficult boss by any means. However, she can make for a rough fight if you don’t know the trick to beating her. If you’re curious as to how to do this, well, you’re in the right place.

The fight begins like normal, with your party attacking. But once you do a certain amount of damage, the fight switches to Ajna moving while the boss calls energy blasts down upon her. Attacking her does nothing and she just keeps refilling her energy. So, what are you supposed to do?

Simple. After every three attacks, the Serpent Queen replenishes her energy from the gate in the center of the room. When she starts drawing the energy to her, simply hold the button you use to save and enter Ajna’s inner realm. This will have Ajna absorb the energy, which will make the queen vulnerable. All you have to do is hit her and you’ll re-enter combat mode.

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