Indivisible Slime Queen guide

Indivisible‘s Slime Queen can be trouble if you’re not paying attention, but just follow this quick trick and she won’t be a problem at all. The fight starts with a party combat section – but there’s a severe twist here. Any melee attacks you use will hurt your party as well as the Slime Queen.

So, how should you get around this? Well, it’s obvious. Just put three ranged fighters in your party. Razmi, Zebei, and Phoebe are all good bets here. Just don’t have Ajna hit her. Once you do enough damage, Ajna will go after her. This part is pretty safe, but if Ajna has been hitting the Slime Queen, there’s a good chance she’ll die to a single attack during this section.

All you have to do is use Ajna’s new multi-hit ground combo. This will make the Slime Queen vulnerable to your party again. At this point, there’s not much left to say. Just keep hitting her until you can’t.

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Andrew Farrell
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