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Although Indivisible is pretty easy, it does have a tough optional boss you can fight. You’re going to want to have your health and defense fully-upgraded for this battle, and even then, it’s a tough one. Who is this fearsome foe, you ask? Well.

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It may or may not be a little kitty cat. Don’t let its appearance fool you, though. It has a bunch of lives, and you’ll have to take them all down in one go to best it. Each time you take down one of its health bars, it loses a soul and gets bigger. And does more damage. And gets more health. It’s a nasty customer, alright.

So, where do you find this little guy? Well, it appears that the game randomly chooses a spot for each playthrough, so he can show up in a variety of places. In my playthrough, I found him in Indivisible‘s Ashwat Forest. All you need to reach his location there is Ajna’s ground strike move. Just break the green part of the floor on a spot near the one in the map below. After that, you’ll possibly find him there. If not, there’s also a ringsel.

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