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Gamebox will shortly be launching Inferno Legend, their upcoming MMO. The closed beta test gets underway on 10 December and the game is aimed at more hardcore audience with the twist being that players will take on the role of the Devil.

To get some hype going before the beta starts, a new gameplay trailer has been fired over to us this evening and you can read more about the game in a new updated features list below.

Unreal Miraculous World in Real HD
Inferno Legend adopts the western mythology and use advanced 3D engine that conduces to the delicate graphics and grandiose battlefields, immersing players into a thrilling yet exciting world! Inspired by Avatar, battlefields in instances are all suspending in sky, giving you magic gaming experience.

Innovative World Design of a Floating “Avatar” Map
The unique and original map design is its specialty-earth is floating in the midair and is consisted of hexagonal bricks that only appear one by one when players step on the brick right next to them. In a way it’s like a box of chocolates and players will never know what the next step will bring them a reward or a boss. These bricks can be categorized into blank bricks whose only value is to make ways for players to move on. There are also battle bricks and boss bricks where a monster stands for the player to fight, among other functional bricks like terminal bricks, equip bricks, item bricks, recovery bricks and random event bricks. These various unpredictable bricks will surely bring players lots of fun in instance fights.

5 Classes and Numerous Routes
The Classes are completely anti-traditional. So no matter what choice a player makes in Inferno Legend it is different from other games. In Inferno Legend, players can choose a character from Vampire, Cyclops, Ghost Knight, Fairy and Mummy (coming online in later versions).

Each class has its own blood line, namely, unique developing routes. Take vampire for example. Vampires are usually related to blood-sucking creatures who have both human and bat form. So if a player chooses the vampire class, they would learn skills like, Bat Form, which temporarily transforms the character into a bat and increases its attack and agility; Drain life, which when activated players can take the HP of the enemy for their own use.

Astonishing Comic-Style Battle Effects
Inferno Legend’s turn-based battle allows players to use various strategic combinations of different pets and skills to display their wisdom. And the lively comic figures also give the fight more fun. All these cute characters and special effects are powered by a revolutionary game engine that has made all these visual awesomeness possible.

Sacrifice for the Monsters and get the Supper Power to Rule the World
It’s a very original system that is not found in too many other games. In Inferno Legend, the miracle system enables you to summon super demons who have hundreds of powerful skills that can be used alternately in battles. When the player owns a demon, they can not only get a generous reward but increase their attributes daily. Every demon has a “particular region” in which players can defeat special bosses to get huge amount of gold, experience and Power of Faith etc.

Turn into Frenzy Mode in Arena
Entering the Arena, players will see their rank, treasure boxes, and also, the frenzy mode. By challenging players of higher ranks, after the player wins they will get points to improve their rank. There is a system set up within the game that will show the ranks of the top players. Treasure boxes are fun, too. Challenge a row of players to open a box; the box with the best rewards comes with toughest challenges. In frenzy mode, a player needs to challenge 10 random players in a row, and after that player has defeated all of them, the rewards are huge, not to mention the pride and glory of the victory.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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