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Inferno Legends exclusive item giveaway – Open beta begins

inferno-legend Inferno Legends exclusive item giveaway - Open beta begins

Gamebox has today launched the open beta test for their devilishly themed MMO Inferno Legend. The twist with this MMO is that you play an evil role and it comes with a stack of features including:

  • 5 races of devils to choose, each has a distinctive characteristic and skill tree.
  • An Avatar-like floating world is made up of bricks. PvE is fun like never before with unpredictable instances.
  • Visual display and special battle effects powered by U3D.
  • Hundreds of pets with different attributes and skills to make the battles strategic.
  • Balanced for both paying and non-paying players.
  • Player arena .
  • Unique character growing systems including bloodline, sins, skills and talents.
  • The innovative “Miracle” system
  • Exploration system (unlocked at lv30) allows more possibilities for hardcore players including Blood Bead, Skill Scroll and Pet Enforcement.

In recognition of the beta test starting, we’re giving you the chance to pick up an exclusive item and other goodies to help you get started in the game.

640x250 Inferno Legends exclusive item giveaway - Open beta begins


Symbol-of-Courage-Amulet Inferno Legends exclusive item giveaway - Open beta begins

Symbol of Courage Amulet

Exclusive Item: Symbol of Courage Amulet
Skill Enhancement: Magic Resistance
Item Description: Increases Magical Damage by %s (according to character level).
Additional Gift Items: Diamondx150, Gold x 20,000, Power of Faith x200, Power of Lineage 200, Wickedness x100

To get your hands on the above, click the button to grab a code then follow the instructions.

To claim your key please give us a Retweet, join our Steam Group, or follow our Steam Curator list to show your support

  • Login to your account or create new account at on the official website. Click “Code”.
  • Input your gift code and click the Claim button.

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