September 5th, 2017

Infinite Crisis open beta begins

Infinite Crisis open beta begins

Infinite Crisis - Atomic Poison Ivy - 06

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Turbine have announced that Infinite Crisis has now gone into open beta.

Infinite Crisis is a DC-themed MOBA which pits a wide variety of heroes and villains from across the multiverse against each other. You’re not just bound by Batman, Superman, and Doomsday; you can take control of Nightmare Batman, Mecha Wonder Woman, Arcane Green Lantern, and a whole lot of others from various alternate DC worlds.

If you fancy playing the DC-themed MOBA, then you can do so now by heading over to the official website and signing up. Alternatively, if you’re less certain, you can have a quick read of my closed beta preview over here.

A lovely little CG trailer follows.

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