Sources have alleged that Activision is delaying royalty payments in order to keep Infinity Ward staffed.Sources have reportedly told Kotaku that the reason employees are still with Infinity Ward is down to Activision delaying royalty payments.Reportedly, every employee who worked on Modern Warfare 2 is due royalties, with Infinity Ward paying staff regular or “low” wages, but offering massive royalties as compensation. With a game that made as much money as Modern Warfare 2, that’s fairly significant.These sources have told Kotaku that “Activision continues to delay royalties to other employees in order to keep them at the company,” to quote Kotaku. As you might expect, morale is apparently extremely low.The Infinity Ward debacle kicked off with the departure of Infinity Ward studio heads Jason West and Vince Zampella, and escalated when the pair sued Activision for unpaid royalties, with lawsuit documents now online.Be sure to check out Andy’s recent column on Activision, helpfully entitled “Why Gamers Hate Activision,” for details on Activision business decisions that haven’t exactly endeared them to gamers.

Paul Younger
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