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Inscryption Act 3 factory puzzle – CAPTCHA #1 and Moving Blocks

Let’s talk about the first CAPTCHA puzzle in the factory level of Inscryption.


As soon as you can stand up, make your way to the opposite room. There are two terminals here that you can interact with.

The puzzles are actually fairly simple, too. Still, you can see the solutions below.

Once you complete these, you can open a chest with the Fishbot card (a talking card with 1/3, 3 energy, and a random sigil when played). The battery is also here, so go ahead and pick it up. You can bring it back to the table to continue your journey.

Note: There’s a bot here that you can spin around (it’s part of a different puzzle which we’ll discuss later). Likewise, there’s a doorway here that won’t be opened until you progress further in the campaign.

Oh, and before I forget, you should definitely solve the two Moving Block puzzles. They’re right next to P03.

These are quite complicated due to the card values and sigils involved. Still, you can see the solutions below.

The container on the left rewards you with the Mrs. Bomb Remote. This is a powerful item that you can use in battles (refreshed whenever you visit a checkpoint/fast travel point). It actually covers all vacant spaces with Explode Bots. It’s integral for a lot of strategies, including an encounter against a secret boss.

The container on the right, meanwhile, has the Lonely Wizbot card (a talking card with 2/1, 2 energy, and it moves adjacent to the last card you played if there are vacant spaces).

All right, let’s go to the next part of our guide to discuss the Cuckoo Clock puzzle.

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