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Inscryption guide: Ancient Obol offering and Bone Lord key in Act 2

What a creepy fella.
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When you first visit Grimora’s Crypt during Act 2 of Inscryption, you’re likely to stumble upon the basement. There, you’ll find a single sarcophagus. There seems to be something inside who tells you that you need an offering to pass. Here’s our Inscryption guide to help you obtain the Ancient Obol offering for the Bone Lord key in Act 2.

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Inscryption guide – How to get the Ancient Obol offering and Bone Lord key in Act 2

To get the Ancient Obol offering in Inscryption, you’ll first need to acquire two halves of the Broken Obol (the left and right sides). In my experience, I was able to acquire the right side piece after beating one of Grimora’s minions, but I’m not sure if that’ll be the case for all players.

A guaranteed way to acquire these pieces, though, is to buy them from the Trader in Grimora’s Crypt. You might need to amass foils as well since they cost two foils each.

Inscry Ccg A2 Sc Bl Ob 1

Next, we’re going to need to plop them down on the board side by side. The left piece has to be in column #2, and the right piece has to be in column #3. The problem is that your deck requires 20 cards, and it’s next to impossible to see both Broken Obol pieces pop up early on during battles.

Instead, we’ll have to go to Magnificus’ Mage Tower (the bottom-left corner of the world map). Once you reach the second floor, you’ll fight a training dummy. Just continue skipping your turns until you see both Broken Obol halves. Place them in the correct spots and you’ll get the Ancient Obol item in Inscryption.

Inscryption Bone Lord Key Bone Lord's Key Offering Broken Obol Ancient Obol 1

Make your way back to the basement of Grimora’s Crypt. The strange thing in the sarcophagus will let you pass because you have the Ancient Obol. You’ll find yourself in a dark, spooky area where the Bone Lord resides. He seems to be talking about “old data,” which we’ll learn about soon enough.

When the first dialogue ends, talk to the Bone Lord again. He’ll grant you three rewards:

  • Bone Lord’s Horn – 1/1; 3 bones; pay +1 energy to gain +3 bones.
  • Bone Lord’s Femur – Grants you additional bones at the start of each battle.
  • Bone Lord Key – This is another flickering key that will come into play a bit later.

That’s it, you’ve got the Bone Lord Key in Inscryption. Don’t forget to obtain the other secret key from the Mycologist Twins as well.

Inscryption Bone Lord Key Bone Lord's Key Offering Broken Obol Ancient Obol 2

Inscryption is available on Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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