Inscryption puzzle guide: The Cabin (Act 1) puzzle solutions

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Inscryption Cabin puzzle guide – The Painting and Matching Cards

Let’s talk about the Painting and Matching Cards puzzle in Inscryption. This one can be completed independently of the others, but a little bit of RNG luck does apply.


Checking out the painting

The painting is hanging on the wall next to the Cuckoo Clock puzzle. If you recheck it after a few subsequent runs, you should notice a couple of cards. The combination will change if ever you die and redo another run, but it’s usually a Squirrel and something else.

Inscry Ccg Pz A1 Gd 1b

In the example you see above, we’ve got the Squirrel in column 3 and the Kingfisher in column 4. The thing is, you’re not guaranteed to get the Kingfisher early. That’s why you need to pray to the RNG gods that you can obtain it from bosses or vendors.

If you find the second card that you need, go to any battle and make sure to place that and the Squirrel card. Their positions need to match what’s shown on the painting.

Inscry Ccg Pz A1 Gd 1c

Do it correctly and the screen will shake. After the match, check the painting to see an item.

Interact with it to pick it up. Then, bring it to the table to gain a buff that lasts you all throughout Act 1 of Inscryption in The Cabin.

Inscry Ccg Pz A1 Gd 1d

In future runs, make sure to check the painting if there’s a new combination. You’ll want to complete this Inscryption puzzle three times to earn boons:

  • Four-leaf Clover (first completion) – Whenever you receive a set of cards as a reward, you can redraw. For instance, if pick the “cards with a question mark” icon on the map, you can redraw if the first set of options isn’t to your liking.
  • Candlestick (second completion) – At the start, your character only has one life. Leshy tells you to grab a candlestick to gain another. This puzzle will give you your third.
  • Squirrel to Bees (third completion) – This boon is also powerful. You can replace the Squirrel card with Bees (1/1 stat with the Airborne sigil). If your old Squirrels were just useful for sacrifices, then Bees can provide add a little to your offense.

All right, let’s go to the next part of our Inscryption guide to talk about the Safe and Movable Blocks puzzle.

Inscry Ccg Pz A1 Gd 1e

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