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Inscryption Cabin puzzle guide – The Safe and Movable Blocks

Let’s talk about the Safe and Movable Blocks puzzle in Inscryption. This is actually the beginning of a lengthy chain, one that grants you a means of escaping The Cabin in Act 1.


The code for the safe

The Stoat card is very talkative, but it does tell you some important tidbits. One of these is about a passcode in the rulebook. Simply check the rulebook at the corner of the Cabin (near the table where you play matches). There should be a sigil description there with a numerical sequence (i.e., 273).

Inscry Ccg Pz A1 Gd 2a

Opening the safe

Check the safe near the door. Interact with the dials to input the code. Once opened, you can pick up the Stinkbug (another talking card) and a key.

Inscry Ccg Pz A1 Gd 2b

The shelf and movable blocks

Use the key on the shelf that’s opposite the painting. This will reveal the movable block puzzles. You’ll notice a value of 0/5. It means you need to ensure that the blocks (i.e., creature cards) deal +5 damage in total to the opposing side (just like in regular matches).

Most of the blocks can be moved by clicking on the up or down arrows when you mouse over them, though some spots will prevent you from doing so. As such, you can determine which ones are in your section (attacking your foe at the top), which ones are directly opposing them, and those that are not in play (topmost or bottommost rows).

The first puzzle is a giveaway since all you need to do is place your blocks in the attacking row (third row from the top). As for the rest, I’ve included images in the gallery below:

Completing the four movable block puzzles will net you various rewards:

  • First puzzle – Skink card.
  • Second puzzle – Worker Ant and Ant Queen cards; opens the bottom two drawers (two more puzzles).
  • Third puzzle – Caged Wolf card.
  • Fourth puzzle – Squirrel totem head.

The Squirrel totem head is actually something you’ll want to combine with the totem bodies from the Woodcarver. You could even obtain a particularly awesome combo as detailed in our best cards/sigils guide.

Now, for the rest of the Cabin puzzles, that’s where the Caged Wolf card comes in. Let’s go to the next part of our Inscryption guide to talk about the Caged Wolf and Eyeballs puzzle.

Inscry Ccg Pz A1 Gd 2c

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