Inscryption boss guide: How to beat P03 in Act 2

Inscryption Boss Guide P03 Boss Factory Puzzle Guide P03 Puzzle Solutions

P03’s Factory is located in the top-left portion of Inscryption‘s world map in Act 2. The bridge won’t be repaired until you take out either Grimora or Leshy. Inside the building, P03 urges you to defeat his minions first. Here’s our Inscryption guide to help you solve the P03 Factory puzzles to beat this boss in Act 2.

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Inscryption boss guide – How to solve the Factory puzzles and defeat P03 in Act 2

Main area puzzles

  • The room to the left has a Foil Trader. You’ll want to buy the Sentry Drone if it’s required for the Mycologist Key/duplicate cards, and if you want to use it for a particular exploit.
  • The scrap pile has a pack of cards.
  • Two terminals here are actually Movable Block puzzles (the solutions are shown below).
  • The path to the right takes you deeper into P03’s Factory.

Circuit puzzles and minions

As you explore P03’s Factory, you’ll find several rooms with conveyor belts and robot minions. They’ll use Tech-type cards, which means there are lots of bots and circuitry/pylons that provide buffs. The encounters are fairly easy (and even the last minion will let you win).

Likewise, you’ll spot a few containers with card packs. Hopefully, you can get several Mrs. Bomb cards.

Inscry Ccg A2 Bs Ptech Gd 2a

As for the puzzles, they require you to power up each panel. The first two are actually straightforward: just place the cards with values in the empty slots.

The rest are more complicated. Existing values, multipliers, and null modifiers will come into play. You can see the solutions below:


P03 boss fight – Phase 1

P03’s boss fight mechanic in Act 2 of Inscryption is the conveyor belt. At the end of each round, all cards will move toward an indicated direction. Your cards might come under P03’s control and vice versa. The Mrs. Bomb card might be helpful here, too, if you want to eliminate multiple enemies.

Inscryption Boss Guide P03 Boss Factory Puzzle Guide P03 Puzzle Solutions 2b

P03 boss fight – Phase 2

When phase 2 starts, P03 will choose your active card with the highest stats. This will get replicated on P03’s row. I was actually lucky since he picked my Hawk card. After one turn, one of his copies moved to my side. The Airborne sigil took care of the rest.

Inscryption Boss Guide P03 Boss Factory Puzzle Guide P03 Puzzle Solutions 2c

What’s next after the P03 boss fight in Inscryption?

If P03 is the third boss that you defeated in Act 2 of Inscryption, then you’ll see another set of videos from the Lucky Carder. From here, all that’s left is Magnificus in his Mage Tower.

Inscryption Boss Guide P03 Boss Factory Puzzle Guide P03 Puzzle Solutions 2d

Inscryption is available on Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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