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Intel’s in a bit of a slump right now due to the general lack of gaming performance improvements for its latest desktop lineup. We reviewed the 11700K, and while it was alright, it did little to supersede the previous generation in terms of framerates. Likewise, we found that it used a lot of power and subsequently generated a lot of heat. It’s not a great option for a lot of gamers, especially since most would rather not spend big bucks to get the marginal improvements offered over previous gens. However, it seems Intel may have come to the same conclusion and has decided to finally bring the far more efficient Tiger Lake 10nm lineup to the desktop platform.

As spotted by Video Cardz, Intel posted information to the ARK section of its site, which is commonly reserved for product specifications. The listing has since been removed, but a screenshot was captured of the information before then. The listing describes an 11th generation of Intel desktop processors under the i9-11900KB branding.


What’s interesting is that Intel typically refers to its unlocked desktop CPUs with the K branding, using other letters to refer to its mobile products. The listing itself is a bit confusing as well, since it lists these products for mobile, considers them launched, and notes a Q2 2021 launch. Seeing as Tiger Lake originally launched last year and we already know of the other 8-core Tiger Lake H series CPUs, this could be something different.

Intel Core I9 11900kb Desktop Tiger Lake Cpu

(Image credit: Video Cardz).

Salt required

It’s hard to say what exactly that means, but the sudden appearance of K series Tiger Lake models doesn’t fit with Intel’s typical approach to mobile. In fact the i9-11980HK is the first known Intel laptop CPU to feature overclocking. As such, many suspect a possible Tiger Lake refresh could still launch from Intel. Alder Lake isn’t due out until later this year, so this could make sense if Rocket Lake is selling poorly in the meantime.

This is just speculation based upon what we know however, so don’t start saving for a new CPU just yet. The numbers in the listing show a 65W TDP and 5.3GHz clock speeds. Those two figures along raise red flags about the accuracy of this listing, but the processor number is the important bit of information here. If Intel can put out a more efficient Tiger Lake desktop CPU with 8 cores, 16 threads, PCIe 4.0, and similar performance to Rocket Lake soon though, we’d be all for it.

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