Intel raptor Lake Release Date s availability 12th gen in stock

Intel’s  Alder Lake family of CPUs are set to start at prices as low as $119 USD, according to Canadian retailer DirectDial. Twitter user “@momo_us” pointed out the pricing in a tweet, showing different SKUs in CAD.

These SKUs are actually for the non-K series chips, which are not as expensive as the higher-powered counterparts. The lowest-end K-chip, which is the Core i5-12600KF starts at the price of $264. So, this starting price of $119 for a non-K variant will save a customer a whopping $145. For budget-conscious builds, this will be a very viable option.


Price wars

Since the announcement in late October, Intel has begun rolling out the 12th generation Alder Lake CPUs, as we reported recently. This next-generation CPUs from Intel are built on a 10nm process and are not only more power-efficient, but also offer better gaming performance.

With the recent wave of shortages and closures affecting the global supply chain, the launches of products in recent months have been marred by severe shipping and manufacturing delays, making it hard for consumers to actually get their hands on new units. Intel is poised to mitigate these effects and produce a hefty amount to ensure that customers are able to buy on demand.

Intel Alder Lake Cpu Prices 12th gen best

(Image credit: Intel Corporation).

As also reported earlier, Intel’s new Alder Lake processor prices are very aggressive compared to that of the direct competition: AMD’s Ryzen 7th and 9th gen CPUs.

With the holiday shopping season about to kick off, CPUs are bound to be in high demand as consumers seek parts to build new systems with. Especially considering all of the major releases that are coming out before the year is out, demand from gamers alone is certainly going to be high for a good amount of time going forward.

Please note that all prices are in USD.

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