Intel Arc A750 drivers
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Intel Arc A750 graphics card now costs $249 with updated drivers

A performance increase to make you think

Intel has announced that it’s lowering the price of its Arc A750 graphics card to just $249 MSRP. In addition, the company has released new Arc A750 drivers that promise significant performance improvements for gamers.

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Called the “Q1’23 Arc Update” — catchy name, we know — Intel’s latest driver update promises up to 43% performance gains on DirectX 9 games. In a briefing ahead of their release, Intel went through just how big of a difference the new 4086 drivers are in comparison to what the 3490 drivers were at launch last fall.

Do the Intel Arc A750 drivers justify a purchase?

According to Intel, with the new performance boost, the Arc A750’s value has increased to up to 52% better than the competing Nvidia RTX 3060. For the comparison, Intel looks directly at the performance per dollar value of the card. With the Arc A750, Intel says, games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have seen boosts in frames per second (FPS) of up to 77% at 1080p Ultra and 74% at 1440p Ultra. Other games like League of Legends and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim also see performance increases of over 40% at both 1080p Ultra and 1440p Ultra, according to Intel.

Regarding newer titles, Intel didn’t give much in the way of actual FPS numbers — in fact, they didn’t give specific FPS numbers for any game during the briefing. However, they did go back to the performance per dollar value of the card with the new 4086 drivers compared to the 3490 launch drivers. Each game, ranging from DirectX 9 to DirectX 12, showed an increase in performance. Some titles such as Warframe and Riders Republic saw a two-times increase in performance value at 1080p Ultra while most saw moderate increases.

Despite a rough start, Intel appears to show that it wants to do right by gamers regarding its graphics cards. The question now becomes has enough been done to convince people, even those on a tight budget, that the Intel Arc A750 with the latest drivers is worth picking up for their system?

Intel Arc A750 drivers improvements

Image via Intel

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