A document filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reveals the once-proud publisher Interplay to be on the edge of financial collapse.
It reveals that the company had an operating cash balance of just $3,000 USD at the beginning of 2011, with a capital deficit of nearly $3 million. Unsurprisingly, Interplay state in the document that there are “substantial doubts over our ability to continue as a going concern.”
The document was issued to the SEC two months after its submission deadline, and also states that Interplay has been functioning “without a credit agreement or credit facility” since 2011 began. Bad news continues throughout the report, which openly declares that Interplay cannot meet their current debts without serious financial investment. As a result, the publisher tells the SEC it is prepared to accept a buyer or merger with another company.
While Interplay’s collapse may mean the end of an ongoing court battle with Bethesda over the Fallout license, it would also spell doom for the publisher’s Fallout Online MMO project.
However, the company has survived tough times before. In 2004 they staved off bankruptcy with dramatic cost cutting measures, firing most of the company staff and moving to a smaller building.
Source: Develop
Image taken from proposed concept art for Fallout Online.

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