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Despite what many fans expected, Sonic Frontiers did not make an appearance at yesterday’s Summer Game Fest event. This may have led to either disappointment or relief depending on your perspective, but since IGN plans to trickle out Sonic Frontiers news throughout June anyway, we really don’t need a Summer Game Fest announcement. In fact, IGN just provided us with an interview with Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka. Much of this interview consists of Iizuka explaining what the developers had in mind when making Sonic Frontiers, but he also had something interesting to say about Sonic Adventure.

As mentioned, Iizuka spent a majority of the interview explaining what the developers had in mind when making Sonic Frontiers. This largely amounts to information that we’ve already heard from IGN’s hands-on preview of the game, but he did bring up a few more tidbits on top of that. For example, he noted that the work Sonic Team did on the “Adventure Field” hub areas in the original Sonic Adventure helped the developers craft the open areas of Sonic Frontiers. He also noted that the story does not immediately make the player’s goal clear unlike the more direct approaches of previous Sonic stories.


What else did he say?

Arguably the most significant news to come from the interview does not have much to do with Sonic Frontiers itself. Specifically, Iizuka stated that he remains open to developing a third Sonic Adventure game, and he believes that the developers’ experience with Sonic Frontiers would help them make this hypothetical entry. Of course, this assumes that Sonic Frontiers will turn out well, which may not be the case. On the other hand, Sonic Team would probably have an easier time developing more condensed hub areas for a future Sonic Adventure installment rather than the vast open world of Sonic Frontiers. All in all, it’s hard to say for certain what the future of Sonic games holds.

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