Gather around the internet children, because Saber Interactive want to have a little chat about Inversion. This ‘behind the scenes’ video doesn’t actually show you anything behind the scenes at all, but it does feature a couple of the developers talking about their game.
After they get through a confusing part about the third-person shooter’s alien invaders being based on something from Brazil and/or Portugal (no, I don’t know either), the video gets to the main selling point of the title: messing with gravity.
Our generic Cop Man protagonist has the ability to raise and lower structures, grab and fling objects and even pull enemies to him so he can chop ’em in half. It’s sort of like having an amazing grappling hook, but made of pure physics.
Watch it in action, below.
Inversion is coming to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC this month in the US and July in Europe.

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