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inXile debuts seventeen minutes of Wasteland 2

inXile debuts seventeen minutes of Wasteland 2

Over the weekend, inXile Entertainment uploaded a pretty hefty slice of Wasteland 2 gameplay for the wider world to enjoy. After a bit of scene-setting preamble the footage gets into the meat of the game itself, narrated by inXile’s Chris Keenan.

He takes you through UI customisation, world exploration (exterior and interior,) combat encounters, skills, dialogue trees, NPC encounters and probably a few other things I’ve forgotten about. Whether you backed the original Kickstarter campaign or are just interested in classic RPGs, it’s definitely worth a watch.

Last I heard, the release date for Wasteland 2 was tentatively hovering around October this year.

[Edit: Vimeo took the original down for some reason, so here’s the YouTube version instead]