inXile’s Torment will be Avellone-d at the $3.5 million mark

Chris Avellone

The Torment Kickstarter has been trundling along happily for the past week or so, cruising beyond the $2.8 million USD point and adding new writers to the team. Both George Ziets (Mask of the Betrayer) and Brian Mitsoda (Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines) are now on board.

But there’s another much-in-demand writer who’ll be offering his finest words if the Kickstarter reaches $3.5 million: original Planescape: Torment scribe, Chris Avellone.

“Given his key role in Planescape: Torment, and the respect he has earned from the game’s fans, we didn’t want to even hint that Chris might be involved unless we were certain it would be possible. Our unexpectedly strong start – because of you – made it an option we could explore. So explore we did. We’ve been able to work out the scheduling matters so that Chris can contribute to Torment without impacting [Obsidian’s] Project Eternity,” says Kevin McComb in the latest project update.

Assuming that $3.5 million point is reached, Avellone’s role on Torment would be “reviewing and providing feedback on all creative elements of the game, including the story, characters, and areas.” He would also be designing and writing an eighth companion for the game.

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