Iranian government blocks access to

Politically speaking, the citizens of Iran have much larger concerns than videogaming. But if you happen to be an Iranian who plays Blizzard titles, a new government ban on access to the service required to play those games will be yet another mark against those in power.

Posting on the BattleNet forums, a Tehran based player revealed news of the block on and provided both a screenshot and translation of the Iranian government’s reasoning.

According to this player, is blocked because:

“1. Promotion of superstition and mythology
2. Promotion of violence due to too much violence (I’m not exaggerating this is exactly what they wrote).
3. Abolishing the deformation in sin.
4. Demonstration of inappropriate clothing and slutty outfits for female avatars.”

There is, perhaps, a certain irony in a theocratic body banning something for the promotion of superstition.

It’s not just and its attendant titles (Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft) that are affected by this policy, but that games like Guild Wars are also being blocked for similar reasons.

At Gamescom last week Iran had setup a large booth to promote the videogame industry in Iran so they are open to the idea of videogames, they are obviously just not that keen on ones created outside of Iran.

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    • Jack Pott

      ok I’ll bite

      “Promotion of superstition and mythology”
      “Promotion of violence due to too much violence”

      Not sure if joking.

    • Darthnixa

      Funny, those are the same reasons we should ban Iran.

    • Ali

      please ban iran from all game events and expo`s
      from iran, a starcraft 2 player

      • Darthnixa

        Ali you should leave that country as soon as you can

    • Ehsan

      omg these stupid ppl when want to learn to be like other ppl of planet, its really a big shame for me to be one of them !

    • Anahita

      I’m an Iranian, I strongly recommend you guys to get down on your knees and thank God/ the stars/ the daedra or whatever the hell you believe in, for not being an Iranian. cuz believe me, we are living a nightmare. It would be funny if it werent THAT real.

    • Yoroboshi Ikko

      For the retards that thinks it’s Iran who banned their own players you should check the blue post on blizzard forum. It’s Official,Blizzard is responsible for banning [Iranian,Syrian ans Sudan] players.Forced by the U.S embargo law to subdue to that. this was never ht fault of the Iranian government but the U.S one. here’s the link ,thnx.

    • adi518

      Hey guys, I’m from Israel and I read about this just now. Look, the world must do what it must against your crazed-monkified leader – Ahmadinejad and his bunch of Ayatollah bullshit friends. Unfortunately, now isn’t the time for you to indulge in gaming. Your main objective now (hehe) is to remove these vicious dictators upon yourselves. It’s a harsh truth, I know. However, Iran cannot keep antagonizing the world and yet, enjoy the benefits of the western culture. You have to decide. You have to make a change. The time is now.

      Hope to you see back in Diablo III…hopefully before Diablo 4 is released. 😛