Iron Harvest Open Beta Starts This Weekend With Mechs, Soldiers, & Bears (3)

At this point, weekends may not matter any more than any other day. However, this weekend, there is some mechanical fun to be had. Especially if you love to destroy armies of mechs, soldiers, and even wild animals in a chaotic mix of combat. We’re talking about the Iron Harvest open beta, and you can join in for the entirety of August. Furthermore, the Iron Harvest ESL Pre-Season Tournament will kick off near the end to wrap things up with a bang.

The real-time strategy game comes via King Art Games and Deep Silver. The beta itself contains some meaty content for players to experience. At least a few of the campaign missions can be played in addition to challenge scenarios, a skirmish mode, and competitive multiplayer.

Juicy details

You can access the Iron Harvest open beta through Steam, although the final product will launch on GOG and the Epic Games Store, as well. With the release date of September 1 being about a month away, the open beta will give players a solid look at what to expect in the release build. However, the developers expect to receive plenty of valuable feedback from beta players, so balance tuning can be expected.

Iron Harvest Open Beta Starts This Weekend With Mechs, Soldiers, & Bears (2)

If you are considering joining the Iron Harvest ESL Pre-Season Tournament, here’s what you need to know. The first qualifier begins on Saturday, August 8. Subsequent qualifiers will take place on the next Saturday, culminating in the grand finals between August 27-30 at Gamescom. Players will compete for prizes of up to $8,300, which is worthwhile for any aspiring RTS player.

Throughout the Iron Harvest open beta, the game will also see changes. King Art Games shared that additional language support, balancing changes, more maps, and even meta-game features will be added. It will all lead up to September 1, when the full game releases.

Iron Harvest Open Beta Starts This Weekend With Mechs, Soldiers, & Bears (1)

Iron Harvest is a real-time strategy game set in the alternate reality fiction of 1920+ after World War I. It sees tradition clashes with scientific and technological progress, all while Europe scrambles to recover from the brutal battles of the World War. That’s where you get giant mechs mixed in with men and nature in a battle to the death. It all sounds like a fun time, to be sure.

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