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Mass Effect developers Bioware are exploring the possibility of creating a Mass Effect Trilogy for the Xbox One and PS4. Aaryn Flynn, the general manager of the developer’s Edmonton and Montreal studios revealed on Twitter that the idea was being considered but that nothing solid had been planned just yet.  Make the jump to find out more.

UntitledWe assume that Bioware is currently working on another installment in the franchise so it’s unclear how long it would take for a port to be released but this is certainly exciting new for Mass Effect fans. The first three Mass Effect games were among the biggest hits on the last gen and one of the most popular RPG’s of all time.

Regarding the next Mass Effect game, Bioware has stated that it may not follow Shepard and that it won’t be called Mass Effect 4 as it won’t be a direct sequel. Stay tuned for updates!

Source: IGN

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