Is Captain Price Coming To Call Of Duty: Ghosts?

You remember Captain Price right? He’s one of the main characters in the Call of Duty series and he became increasingly popular due to his numerous moments of baddassery during the Modern Warfare trilogy. CoD fans hadn’t seen Capt Price since his appearance in Modern Warfare 3 back in 2011. Well it seems like he might be making an appearance in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Continue reading to find out more.
Activision have released a teaser picture featuring Captain Price and the words: Brace yourselves, Price is coming. There seems to be three main theories as to what this teaser could mean:

1. This could be teasing Sledgehammer’s new Call of Duty game which a recent leak suggested that Price would be a main character.

2. Some Call of Duty: Ghosts story DLC is going to be released and will feature Captain Price.

3. It could simply be an unlockable skin you can choose to play as in Ghosts multiplayer modes.

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Nothing has been confirmed at this point but all we know is that Captain Price is a great character and we’re glad to see him again. Would it be too much to ask if we could see Captain “Soap” MacTavish return as well?

Stay frosty friends.


Source: Darksideofgaming

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